Year C Proper 6 Luke 7 2013

It's Complicated
Galatians 2:15-21

Weather forecasters have the coolest toys. They have satellite "eyes in the sky." They can track off-shore flows and coastal disturbances, high pressure systems and low pressure cells, the rise and fall of the jet stream (whatever that is!). Television weather people even have the most interesting screens to work with, with all kinds of magic features to make this bigger and smaller. Yet, even with all these sophisticated, complicated technologies to help — as we all know — the weather report is often way wrong.

Forecasting the weather is complicated. Living with the weather is not.

In the last month parts of this country have been under water, parts of this country have been on fire, and parts of this country have been swept away by whirlwinds. All the meteorological explanations and predictions in the world don't change the reality.

If you are in a flood zone — get to high ground.
If you are on fire — get some water your way.
If there is a hurricane coming, get out of town.
If there is a tornado approaching, hunker down, preferably underground, and pray.

No matter how complex the weather system, your best response is simple and straightforward. The complicated part is doing the simple.

That phrase "It's complicated" was enshrined in a movie starring Meryl Streep a few years ago with the title "It's Complicated." But "It's complicated" is most often associated with the Facebook relationship status, where the choices are "single," "married," "in a relationship with" or "it's complicated." What it means when you choose "it's complicated" can be as diverse as you're unhappy with the relationship you're in, or you're no longer in a former relationship but wish you were.

"It's Complicated" seems like a fitting way of describing many of our lives. Some of you this morning seem to be facing situations of enormous complications. But I want to suggest to you that there is another way of looking at your situation, which is the way Paul is having us look at life in this morning's text. What if your situation is simple, but what's complicated, and hard, are the difficult choices that lie before you? Your situation isn't complicated. Your solution isn't complicated. What's complicated, and hard, are the choices you need to make to apply the solutions to your situation... presents Leonard Sweet